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Middle school Food Science class offers a taste of Sandy High School's CTE program

Posted Date: 1/05/24 (7:30 PM)

Student tests out a cheese during a Food Science lab.

Students in Nathan Enns' Food Science class at Cedar Ridge Middle school endured a special test on Friday, Jan. 5 - a taste test. Presented with 16 different anonymous cheeses, the students took notes on the appearance, smell, taste and other attributes of the fermented milk products, which included brie, feta, paneer, scamorza, goat cheese and more.
The Food Science class, also offered at Boring Middle School, is one of the new Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses this year, providing middle school students with credits that will carry over to their CTE studies at Sandy High School. Food Science covers a variety of topics and subjects, including diet, microbiology, chemistry and food safety.
Middle school CTE classes also include Intro to Engineering and Intro to First Aid, while the high school has eight CTE programs comprised of 57 courses.